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Expert building services

FMS Management Solutions provide expert building services such as PAT testing and more for your commercial buildings. 

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Building services and electrical repairs

At FMS Management Solutions Ltd we offer a full building package, with an all-inclusive price to pay or individually services offered. We provide a variety of building services from window repairs and brick work through to painting and decorating. Please get in touch with our team of experts today and we can discuss your requirements in further detail. 

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Electrical services

At FMS Management Solutions Ltd, we can provide a range of professional electrical services from our expert electricians, including electrical inspection and testing in the UK. We operate both nationwide and locally. When it comes to electrics, you need a professional to handle potentially dangerous tasks with appliances and wiring. Our electrical services include:

  • Power supply

  • Backup power (such as diesel generators)

  • Emergency power (such as battery-based uninterrupted power supply) 

Building Services

Building Services are the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems in a building. For this reason they are also called MEP services, for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. This can include:

  • Lifting equipment

  • Pressure systems

  • Latchways

  • Combusion

  • Local exhuast ventilation

List of staff we currently provide:

  • Barista

  • Cleaners

  • FM Managers

  • Security staff

  • Supervisors

  • Post room co-ordinators

  • Warehouse organisers

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Air Conditioner

Mechanical Services

At FMS Management Solutions we provide a range of mechanical services, including the following:

  • Firefighting systems 

  • Elevators/lifts & Escalators 

  • HVAC Systems (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems) 

  • Gas Supply Systems (such as for heating and cooking in residential buildings, or oxygen and nitrogen in hospitals)

  • Comressed air systems used in industries

Water Treatment

It is crucial for any business that the water treatment measures they implement do more than just comply with standards. Your business needs to see the financial benefits that come from refining your water treatment process. Ensure your water treatment provider shares your same vision and provides quality, sustainable, and ethical solutions. Their investment in innovation will ultimately lead to savings for your business.

water filter
Water tanks adjacent to a new office building in Canberra, Australia

Plumbing Systems

  • Water Supply

  • Drainage of wastes

  • Water recycling systems (these allow you to recover the water from your waste and re-use that water for low-grade applications such as flushing) 

  • Rainwater harvesting 

  • Tank cleaning and maintenance

  • Storm water drainage 

  • Hot tap servicing and hire

  • Water filter replacements

  • Water submersible/booster pumps

  • Pipe insulation

Data Based Systems or Low-Voltage Systems

  • Security Systems, including CCTV

  • Fire Alarm Systems 

  • Building Management Systems 

  • Public Address Systems 

  • Cable TV Systems 

  • Data/Cable Networks 

  • Voice Networks

  • Access Control Installation

  • Electric Cable Runs

  • Speaker Installations

Security Surveillance
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