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Comprehensive business continuity plans

Plan ahead for the future today: speak to ou experts in business continuity, FMS Management Solutions Ltd.

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Plan for potential challenges

Plans are tailored to your business

Speed up recovery after an incident

What is a business continuity plan (BCP)?

A BCP is a plan dedicated to helping to business operate after a major incident. It covers a range of eventualities from significant and prolonged power cuts to major damage to critical infrastructure. It allows you to prepare backups and contingencies so that if the worst should happen. With the right plan, you can be more likely to continue to operate with some capacity, minimise downtime, and return to normal sooner.

FMS Management Solutions has the skills, experience and insight to create a comprehensive BCP for your business. We take the time to understand your organisation, identify critical systems and processes you need to operate, and potential threats you may experience, so that we can prepare an effective plan for any eventuality.

In addition, we offer a range of other support services, including health and safety consultations.

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We can help you prepare for:

  • Power/water cuts

  • Supply chain disruption

  • Natural disasters

  • Industrial action

  • Fires

  • Critical equipment failure

  • Cyber attacks

  • Damage from external threats (e.g. rioting)


This is not an extensive list: our team will work with you to identify – and plan for – a range of possible threats.

A complete end-to-end solution

By choosing FMS Management Solutions you’ll be benefitting from a comprehensive, tailored plan. We take the time to gather important information about your systems, processes and risk factors, allowing us to create a bespoke plan for your organisation. We will support you in implementing the plan, testing contingencies, and adapting or updating the plan should situations change or new threats arise.

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Plan ahead, with FMS Management Solutions

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